Blog 2

This photograph is called Dawn and it was taken by Keith Carter. What drew me to this photo was the black and white coloring, along with the fogginess and blurriness of the image. Even though the photo only uses the colors black and white, it really makes and impact and stands out. Keith uses variations of light and dark to produce a visual texture in which the building seems far away and 3D in a sense; it is almost like an optical illusion for the viewer. The bottom of the photograph is darker and as you go up it gets lighter. Also, the ouside is more blurry and as you go toward the center it gets clearer, which gives the photograph a mystical and mysterious quality. The transition from dark and light in the photograph make horizontal lines. Thr white lines that distinguish the walkway cause the viewer to focus their attention on the man and the building ahead, and outside these lines the image is verr cloudy looking. The different shapes on the building, such as the arched walkways, pointed tops of the building, and the semi-circle on top, make it seems as if the mans destination is a castle, and ultimately cause you to question where the man is headed.  The large amounts of blank space draw the viewers attention first to the man and then to the place he is headed in the background. I think Carter utalized the different visual elements to produce a very captivating photograph.

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