Blog 3- Critique of Erin Pekovitch

This is the photo that stood out the most to me and it demonstrates compostional elements. The most effective element that it illustrates is color contrast. The deep purple flower with the bright yellow in the middle causes the flower to stand out. The angle at which the photo was taken causes the light to hit the flower in a captivating way. This photo sticks with the complimentary color scheme of yellow and purple. The photo demonstrates technical skills because it is the appropriate file size and also has great color balance. The warm yellow color in the center of the deep purple accents the flower and makes this image the focal point of the photo. Everything else around it appreas to be less vibrant and bright. It was just an excellent camera capture. Overall, the 5 photos are excellent and all follow the color scheme of yellow and purple. Also the fact that all the images are different angles of flowers makes the composition more cohesive. All the photos are very creative.

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