Assignment 3: Emulation of Paul Strand


After resarching and look through many of Paul Strand’s photogrpahs, I decided that my main focus for my emulation would be pictures of natue and the enviornment, seeing as this was a very common theme throughut his work. Portraits were also a major component to Strand’s work as well, so I experimented with that too. My underlying method for working was to look for images in the enviornment and landscape that were straightforward. While I was working I had a minimalist approach to framing my shots and I would look for simple , yet captivating and interesting images. In order to create a minimalist photograph, I tried to take photos that had few external elements surrounding the main images of the frame. I also took all my pictures in black and white, and used color balance to create dark shadows and strong contrast in the photgraphs. Even though I was taking calm, direct, and simple photographs, my goal was that because the images were so direct they would stand out and captivate the viewer in that way. To do this , I experiemented with different angles, objects, and different distances at the which the pictures were taken because I wanted to create bold photographs that still had an edge, even though there is not a lot going on within the photgraph itself. A challenge that I faced was it was difficult for me to find different, larger stuctures that had little exterior elements surrounding them because I am in the city. I would try to take pictures on a larger scale but they would always be too busy, and this diminished my minimalist approach. Most of the photographs that Strand took were in rural or exotic settings. Another problem that I was faced with is that Strand took images of people in small, close- knit commmunities. This was a challenge for me to do because Chicago is a large and fast-pace city, which lacks most of the qulities of these smaller communities, and the people do as well. It was a lot harder for me to take photographs of people; this is why most of my photos are of the enviornment.

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