Blog Post 4: Erin Pekovitch Emulation Critique

Erin Pekovitch chose to research Dawoud Bey. In his photographs he strives to illustrate a site of psychological and emotional engagement between the model and the photographer. His style of photography enables him to capture momentary changes in the model’s expression, gestures, and personality. His photos are portraits of many different types of people who are all expressing different emotions.

Looking at Erin’s five photographs, I think she was very successful at emulating Dawoud Bey, and his style and quality of work is reflected in Erin’s photographs. She captures a variety of emotions; however, each emotion is specific to the model and her personality, giving each of Erin’s pictures a unique quality. I like that she used both colored and black and white images, and she also took pictures at different angles, and settings, and times of day. All these attributes set her pictures apart and allow the view to see a wide range of photographs that all still echo back to the elements of Dawoud Bey’s photography.

The first picture of Erin’s is my favorite– the girl with a backpack looking at the camera. I like this photograph because her emotion because of the model’s eye contact with the camera and her stern look. This creates a strong and intense picture, where the models emotion is almost palpable. Overall, Erin did a great job emulating Dawoud Bey and his style of photography. It is seen through her photographs that she really grasped his photographic concepts.

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