Assignment 5: Brainstorm

For this assignment, I think I want to take pictures of photographs outside.

Topics of Interest for photographing:


-city life



-nature, trees

Documentary Style:

– Daily Life: what I do everyday and what the objects, images I see during my day to day activities

-DePaul Soccer Game Day: document what all goes into a game day– how me and the team prepare and whats all involved

**Favorite Idea: do a theme involving both the outdoors/nature and the different buildings and architecture of city.

Throughout all the assignments I have enjoyed photographing nature and the outdoors the most. However, I want to put a different spin on the theme of nature. I was debating between taking photos of modern buildings, but at the same time I wanted to take pictures of nature. I also love this time of ear when the leaves are changing and also all over the ground; I thought it would make for some really unique and creative images. I decided to combine the themes of modern architecture and nature, and produce images of nature in the city.

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