Assignment 5

The underlying theme for my photographs is incorporating an urban and modern feel and sense within my photos of nature. My thought process was to combine images of natures with modern and contemporary buildings and architecture. My idea behind this concept was that most people do not not usually see photographs of the city and scenic photos of nature together because they are, in a sense, seen as opposites. The city is viewed as a busy place, whereas nature is more calm and serene. Rarely, do you see photos of these two ideas together in the same photograph– this is why I wanted to take on this theme and idea. For the theme of nature, I wanted to focus on images of trees and leaves because of the contrasts of colors of the leaves at this time of year. The season of fall provides great color contrast that can be enhanced using the tools of color balance. Also there are leaves on both the ground and the trees, so this also enhances my photographs and adds to them. There colors of the buildings, and the leaves and vines on the buildings also provide excellent contrast in my photographs. Another concept that I utilized when I was taking my pictures was the lighting. I worked in the sunlight, which added to the contrast. The lighting also added shadows to the photographs; there were shadows of trees on the ground and also on the buildings. Overall, I used the characteristics of color contrast and lighting to enhance the theme of nature photographs in a modern city scene.

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