Blog 5: Assignment 5 Evaluations

Erin Pekovitch:

I really liked the idea Erin used for her sequence; I thought it was creative and a relatable process. Her pictures really made me think off all the hectic times I have had getting ready. I aslso thought of my process and compared it to what she expressed in her photographs. I she really covered all of the steps girls take in getting ready. I also liked that she took the pictures at different angles and in different locations. Thedifferent lcations made the process even more resalistic because I know that I have my stuff everywhere, and do different things in different spots. However, a suggesion I have is that for the hairstyling products photos, i would suggest maybe taking a photo farther back with the mirror in the back ground that way yould would be able to show the mess on the counter. Also add a brush and make the bottles less organized. I think this would add to the photo. But, overall her inspiration was creative and unique and her theme is clearly expressed in all her photographs.

Jilian Scott:

I thought her idea was extremely unique and she utalized  that tools that we recently learned in the collage assignement. After reader her artisit statement I really understood the concept and thought prcess behind her photograph. I like the different facial expressions and gestures; they reveal her attitide about the two places and how she feels about what shes doing. However, I feel like the angle of the photo needs to be different becase she is not loking in the mirror at all. Her looking at her reflection and being taken to another world is the specfic purpose of her photograph.

Rebecca Son:

I really liked the theme of her photographs; it is actually one of my favorites that I have seen so far. I think the reason why I like it is becasue she used a place, a kitchen, that is so common and items that we use everyday but transformed them in her photographs, She captured the images of different household intems in a creative and captivating way. My favorite photgraph is the image of the sink i really like the angle and the lighting. However,  I feel like the photograph of of the hall and the window could be replaced with images that flow better with the rest of the pictures,since most of them ar of appliances or well know kitchen items.

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