Final Project

The underlying theme for my photographs is incorporating an urban and modern feel and sense within my photos of nature. My thought process was to combine images of natures with modern and contemporary buildings and architecture. My idea behind this concept was that most people do not not usually see photographs of the city and scenic photos of nature together because they are, in a sense, seen as opposites. The city is viewed as a busy place, whereas nature is more calm and serene. Rarely, do you see photos of these two ideas together in the same photograph– this is why I wanted to take on this theme and idea.

There were not to many evaluations for suggested revisions on my assignment 5, so my goal for the final was to make sure that all the pictures really flowed well together and all reflect back to my overall theme of nature in in the city. I took a second trip around the city to look fo new photos and scenes that would add to my collection of photographs and make my artitist statement even stronger. I ended up taking out one of my previous photos, photo #10, that I did not think went well with the others. I felt it was a bare picture and it also lacked color and it was pretty bare, unlike my other photoswhich have alot going on. I just didnt think it was that good of a photograph in general. I replaced this photo with threee new photographs (#10,11, and 12). I also touched up the color balance on some of the photographs as well to make the colors really stand out becasue someone mentioned in thier evalutation that the contrasting colors were really captivating.    


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